Hi, my name is Cham!

My goal is to write my experiences on hiking, travel, photography, and anything adventurous. May this blog help you discover the real traveler in you. As you go through this journey with us, may you also ignite the missing spark in your life.

This blog will guide and encourage you to go outside, explore, and come face to face with adventure. May you always be reminded to forever stay curious.

We wish you the best of luck, and safe travels!

Looking for DIY itineraries & travel guides?

Mt Balagbag

Here’s everything you need to know before planning your hike, including tips on how to get there, budget, contacts and sample itinerary.

Batu Caves architectureWe document our DIY travels to share you a comprehensive travel guide which includes the best tourist spots to visit, hotel accommodations to consider, food to try, and more!

SilantroWho doesn’t love food? Here are unbiased food reviews straight from our tummies.

Friends at monster jeep, DENR BenguetTraveling teaches us lessons that we don’t usually get from schools or by just living the daily life. Here’s a portion of the blog where we share random thoughts and experiences.

Our recent travel video: Mt. Pulag (A ChamTravels Story)

No, we’re not legit vloggers. 🙂 We’re not being paid to do this and all expenses are shouldered by the whole group. We just enjoy documenting our trips while sharing anything that can help you plan your next travel. Cheers to more travel vlogs in the future!

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