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3BU Hostel in Baguio City:
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When we had plans of going to Mount Ugo in Benguet, I wanted to stay in Baguio in advance so I can tour the City of Pines. There are lots of accommodations to choose from — hotels, transients, you name it but the one that stood out the most for me is ZEN Hostel 3BU Baguio.

I have not seen much accommodations in Baguio that caters solo travelers. Most of the time, the options available are perfect for couples, families, and bigger groups. What usually happens when you travel solo? You pay for the whole room good for 2. Others offer dorm beds with little privacy and you’ll have other guests in the same room.

Then I saw Zen Hostel 3BU and booked for 3 nights. I cannot complain about my stay so here are the things that I love about this hostel: 

Here are some pictures I took during my first stay in their PRIVATE HUT:

3BU Hostel Lobby
The reception area is upstairs
Outside the private huts (so messy lol) - I stayed on the right hut
Locker usage is FREE, as long as you have your own lock
You can watch Netflix and Youtube
Game Room in 3BU Hostel
Game Room - there's a huge TV on the left side, you can watch Netflix or even sing karaoke

Actually, it was my first time to stay in a hostel because I’m more into getting my own room (security issues duh). But guess what, Zen Hostel 3BU changed my mind. I even met new friends there!

3BU Hostel
Photo from booking.com

Note: Okay, so I went back here on November 2019 and since it’s peak season, the price for the private hut has doubled. I think this is the normal price because it was June when I got it for P600 per night. BUT, there’s another option. You can avail the COMFY POD just like what I did from Airbnb.

Here are some pictures of the dorm bed:

Free toiletries
Free toiletries

You can check out there rates and availability here from Airbnb:

3BU Hostel Comfy Pods (Dorm beds)

3BU Hostel Private Huts – (they also have private huts in Airbnb)

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Cons of Staying in 3BU Hostel

The only disadvantage I’m seeing here is it’s quite expensive for one person (around P800+ for the private hut, P600+ for the comfy pod). I said this because there are other bookings out there that are cheaper, especially if you are a budget-conscious solo traveler. Another thing is that they don’t have a shared kitchen. So if you’re planning to cook your meals then you may not be able to do so.

Even though there are some disadvantages, my stay was still worth it. I’ll stay here again once I go back, and I’ll bring my friends too!

Private Hut vs. Comfy Pod

Since I was able to stay in both, I would choose staying in the PRIVATE HUT again. It’s more spacious, the bed is larger (can fit up to 2 persons), and the shared bathroom has a separate toilet and shower areas. It’s more expensive though but if I’ll be in a tight budget, I would choose the comfy pod.

3BU Hostel Details

Address: 120 Upper Bonifacio Street, Baguio City
Contact Numbers: +63 74 661 76 74, +63 917 577 50 17
Email: reservations@3buhostel.com
Website: https://www.3buhostel.com/

How to get there? Ride a taxi and tell the driver that your destination is Upper Bonifacio. If you’re coming from Victory Liner, 3BU Hostel would be on the left side. Search for the location in Google Maps so you’ll not get lost.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that I have already shared my experience with 3BU Hostel, I hope I have given you another option to choose from when looking for a place to stay in Baguio City. This hostel is perfect for solo travelers, backpackers or even bigger groups that don’t mind staying in different beds. It’s also 1 KM away from Session Road and near other tourist spots so there’s nothing to complain about their location. Their WiFi is super fast so if you’re a freelancer and would like to work online during your stay, you should stay here in 3BU Hostel Baguio.

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