Sunrise in Siargao

About The Team

Cham Joven

Hi, my name is Cham and this is my blog. It will focus on hiking, travel, photography, and anything adventurous.

Why write now if I hate writing even before? Well, let’s just say I realized that I already went on to many adventures worth telling but I just kept it to myself. I took too many pictures, hundreds of it, every trip. But only one or two are posted on my Facebook account. The rest, I keep it to myself (and very little few goes to Instagram).

The reason why I want to put up a blog is to share my personal experiences while hiking and traveling. To set your expectations, I don’t travel for work (but I work to travel LOL) so the time difference between my travels would sometimes be for x number of months. It will also not be extravagant, as I fund my own trips and I do not have any sponsors.

Sunrise shot at Mt. Batolusong

I would also like to share my work experience in this blog, and how it correlates with traveling. I worked in the BPO industry for 6 years (which is pretty toxic by the way) hence, I wanted an escape. Let me share how traveling kept me sane amidst all the stress I encountered at work. I’ll also tell you how I transitioned into a full-time freelancer – the job that gave me MORE FREEDOM to wander.

Krista Danica


I always knew I was born to travel. When I was a little girl, as far as I could remember, I always wanted to be somewhere that I have never been before. School field trips had always been the highlight of my school year. I was always an adventurer back then, even dreamed of reaching the moon and stars when I grow older.

Growing up, I am always never content in one spot and that one spot is always old. My feet are always restless as my soul. I am constantly looking for the strange, exotic and unusual in the mundane.

I must say that I am still a childish fool who refuses to accept the monotony of the daily life. I am always ready to go anywhere, especially if it’s somewhere new. My head is always up on the clouds, my eyes on a map, and my heart truly belongs to the world.

Traveling gives me so much bliss. The smell of a foreign territory makes me happy, and airports are probably one of my most favorite places ever. I am that kind of girl who loves to be immersed in different cultures and history and diversity. I am always unafraid to taste the world’s different flavors.

May this blog help you discover the real traveler in you. As you go through this journey with us, may you ignite the missing spark in your life. This blog will guide and encourage you to go outside, explore, and come face to face with adventure. May you always be reminded to forever stay curious. We wish you the best of luck, and safe travels!