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Exploring Baguio City: Tourist Spots, Where To Eat & Travel Tips

Known as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”, Baguio City has become famous for being a summer destination and a quick getaway place of family and friends whatever season it may be. Especially now that road trips going to North are easier due to the construction of Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx), which made the travel time faster.

Due to its cool weather, Baguio is also known to strawberry farming, and hot chocolate. Don’t forget to try these two when you are planning to go there, pick up some strawberries, enjoy hot chocolate, while roaming around with the beautiful pine trees.

Now let’s dive into details how to get to Baguio and what things you can do whilst you are in the city of pines.

1. By Public Transportation

Depending on where you are coming from; If you are coming from Cavite, Las Pinas and Paranaque and some cities nearby, you can ride Solid North Transit Inc. from PITX terminal to Baguio (vice versa), for only P500 per way. It is very comfy as you can recline the chairs, comes with charging port, free WiFi and has a built-in comfort room.

Another premier ride would be from Genesis JoyBus Premier Class. For only P720 – P760 per way, you’ll get to experience a comfortable and luxurious trip that comes along with 2 x 1 seating configuration, restroom, bus pad – watch movies, listen to music or play games, USB charging port, FREE snacks & bottled water, warm blankets, and WiFi. Terminal located in New York Cubao corner EDSA at Genesis Terminal.

These transportation usually drive via SCTEx with an estimated travel time and distance of 4-5 hours from Manila to Baguio. Here’s the current schedules according to their website:

Joybus Cubao-Baguio schedule
Joybus Pasay-Baguio schedule

2. By Private Vehicle

You can use the app Waze or Google Maps to search and navigate your directions going to Baguio City based on your current location. Here’s the catch, one great news, especially if you are bringing your own car.

There is another and newly opened way of going to Baguio which is via Pozorrubio exit in Pangasinan along the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX) and according to Department of Transportation (DOTr), it’s possible to travel to Baguio in under 3 hours from Manila to Baguio via this newly-opened segment. Such a great relief isn’t?

Instead of passing TPLEX Urdaneta exit, just go straight ahead to Pozorrubio exit then from TPLEX Pozorrubio exit, it will take you  just 45 minutes to get to Baguio. Amazing!

Where to Stay in Baguio City

Here are some of your options when choosing a place to stay in Baguio City:

1. OYO 175 Hotel Elegant

Address: 421 Magsaysay Avenue Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines, Benguet, 2600 Baguio, Philippines
Room Rates: Deluxe Double Room for Php 1,200 per night for 2 pax

Photo from

You can check their rates and availability here: OYO 175 Hotel Elegant.

2. Moldex Residences

Address:  Ben Palispis Highway Moldex Residences Baguio, 2600 Baguio, Philippines
Room Rates: Approx. Php 2,000+ per night

Moldex Residences
Photo from

You can check their rates and availability here: Moldex Residences Baguio.

3. Mines View Apartment by Merry Holiday

Address: 31-B Gibraltar Road, Benguet, 2600 Baguio, Philippines
Room Rates: Approx. Php 3,500+ for a family room (could fit up to 9 pax)

Mines View Apartment by Merry Holiday
Photo from
You can check their rates and availability here: Mines View Apartment By Merry Holiday.

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9 Things To Do in Baguio City

If you are traveling via commute, the only mode of transportation around Baguio is either through jeepney or cab/taxi. Though It is very easy to navigate the whole city, so you don’t have to worry. If you are on a budget you can just simply ask the jeepney driver to alight you on your desired destination. Fare is usually around P10 each per ride.

1. Pick strawberries in La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

If you like farming and agriculture, you will enjoy here as Baguio is naturally rich with natural resources and of land capable of producing quality goods. Because it is located in the highlands, the weather is so conducive for strawberry farming. Since La Trinidad produces the largest amount of strawberries in the country, it is being coined as the strawberry capital of the Philippines. 

Entrance is FREE, but I highly recommend you to try picking strawberries where you get to experience it on hand, how it feels so fresh and good to be able to eat produce that comes directly from the soil of the earth. Picking strawberries would only cost P450 per kilo. Strawberry ice cream and strawberry taho is also available inside the strawberry farm.

Address: La Trinidad, Benguet
Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays, 7am to 7pm


2. Wear an Igorot costume in Mines View Park

Baguio City started out as an American mining town in the early 20th Century and today one of the places that has become an attraction is the Mines View Park which is an overlook park on the northeastern outskirts of Baguio City where you can have a view of the mining town of Itogon and Amburayan Valley.

It is known for its iconic view deck where most of the travelers spend the rest of their time, feasting their eyes with the beautiful mountain ridges and feeling the cool, gentle wind. Aside from sightseeing, this spot offers a handful of local products, comfort food and an activity where you can wear Igorot native costume.

Address: Mines View Observation Deck, Mines View, Baguio, Benguet
Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays, from 5am to 8pm.

Mines View Park

3. Ride a horse in Wright Park

Do you feel like being adventurous? You can ride a horse and try horseback riding here at Wright Park. Aside from that, this park is perfect for strolling and walking around as you will be surrounded by nature and wonderful scenery. You can actually do jogging here, just make sure to rise up really early to enjoy the best of the place.

A tranquil area full of trees, where travellers can stroll, jog or rent horses to ride. Perfect place for family as well!

Address: Gibraltar Rd, Baguio, Benguet

4. Learn about the American history in Camp John Hay

I didn’t know before until I researched this place on the internet, that this was once a  former rest & recreation facility for American soldiers or a US military based back in the 20th century. This 690-hectare property is now the most popular tourist attraction in Baguio City.

No wonder because the whole camp is surrounded with greeneries, where you can be relaxed whilst listening to the sound of nature itself. Among its popular attractions are the Bell amphitheater, Butterfly Sanctuary and Tree Top Adventure which offer exciting activities you shouldn’t miss like zip line, free fall, trekking, and some rides.

Address: John Hay Special Economic Zone, Loakan Rd, Baguio, Benguet

Camp John Hay

5. Ride a boat/bike in Burnham Park

Officially known as the Burnham Park Reservation, is an historic urban park named after Daniel Burnham who designed and planned the whole city of Baguio. It is located at the very heart or center of Baguio City, which makes it the most popular park or “the mother of all parks” in Baguio and can be associated to Luneta Park in Manila.

With that in mind, it is a great place to hang out and have a laid back date. You can rent a bike, sail a boat, feast yourself with Baguio street foods or just stroll around.

Address: Jose Abad Santos Dr, Baguio, Benguet
Operating Hours: 24/7

6. Visit Baguio Cathedral

If you appreciate art and ancient structures, this cathedral should be on your list. It doesn’t matter if you are catholic or not, surely you will get to appreciate the simple yet majestic beauty of Baguio Cathedral or a.k.a as Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral, located on top of a hill in the heart of the city, which makes it really accessible when you are coming from Burnham Park.

Address: Cathedral Hill, Loop, Baguio City, Benguet

Baguio Cathedral

Image from Wikimedia

7. Appreciate art in BenCab Museum

As we speak of art, it is nice to take a look and experience the authentic Baguio back in the days. BenCab is Museum is an art collection of one of our National Artists, Ben Cabrera, showcasing the cultural heritage of the Cordillera region. Exhibits from other contemporary artists in Manila can be found there, too. According to their website, these are the updated entrance fees:

General admission: P150
Students with valid Philippine school issued ID: P120
Seniors/PWD with valid Philippine government issued ID: P100

If you get hungry whilst inside the museum, indulge yourself with their own classic cooked meals on their restaurant, Cafe Sabel. This is a perfect spot while you enjoy your food and be surrounded with art and nature at the same time.

Address: Km. 6 Asin Rd, Tuba, Benguet
Operating Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 9am to 6pm

8. Buy pasalubong at Good Shepherd Convent

Foodie lover like me? Well, your trip to any places wouldn’t be complete without trying their local delicacies. With just a few meters away from Mines View Park, you can buy “pasalubong” here in Good Shepherd where they offer a diverse range of food items such as freshly made fruit jams (strawberry and ube), alfajor (shortbread cookies), with a sweet dulce de leche filling, and the lengua de gato.

Address: Gibraltar Rd, Baguio, Benguet
Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays, 8am to 5pm

9. Take a selfie at the Valley of Colors

You might have already seen a lot of photos of these colorful houses on a hill and yes, you can visit here once you’re in Baguio City. It’s like those colorful houses that you can find in Brazil!

From the city proper, go to La Trinidad Jeepney Terminal and ride a jeep that can pass by the Valley of Colors. Travel time is around 30 minutes and the fair is P9.00 when we visited. This might have changed now though! Riding a taxi is also an option if you’re with your friends.

Address: Baguio – La Trinidad – Bontoc Rd, Baguio, Benguet
Operating Hours: Open 24/7

Valley of Colors

Where To Eat in Baguio City

Just like what I have mentioned earlier, any trip wouldn’t be complete without indulging and trying on the recommended places to eat in the area. So here’s my top 6 recommended restaurants around Baguio City.

1. Chocolate de Batirol

Known for their homemade hot cocoa drinks, this place is perfect for having your breakfast merienda or afternoon snacks. Get yourself a hot chocolate which perfect for the cold weather! Partnered it with bibingka and suman sa lihiya, both are slightly salty and sweet, good combos!

Chocolate De Batirol

2. Good Taste

The best Asian and Chinese restaurant around the area! Their food is really delicious, the serving is great and It is also very affordable. Order any Asian dish you like! All their food in their menu is amazing!

3. Cafe by the Ruins

Their menu is designed to feature natural and local ingredients of the cordillera region. Once you get into their restaurant, you can watch how they make some of their breads; so it is like you are watching a cooking show, but a real one. I highly recommend their  signature camote bread together with their homemade jam. Breakfast is the best time to dine in here. So get yourself ready and wake up early!

Cafe By The Ruins

Deborah’s Dish, cafe-made spinach pasta with shiitake mushroom cream sauce, P240, info from Booky

4. Oh My Gulay!

Are you a vegetarian? Oh My Gulay offer meals that you won’t even notice that they are purely made out of the local veggies. Love your IG feed? Yes you can enjoy your meal too while taking a lot of pictures here as well. You love Pasta? Their best seller meal is “Anak ng Putanesca”, go ahead and try out this one! Very worth it!

Photo from Oh My Gulay’s Facebook page

5. Craft 1945

Enjoy your night out and chill with your friends to this ancient house turned into a home-like restaurant. Grab yourself of their signature Craft 1945 beer, tapa, gambas and Spanish sisig! It’ll be a fun, hot and chill night!

Craft 1945

Image from Craft 1945’s Facebook page

Sample DIY Itinerary for 2 Days

Please keep in mind that this is only a suggested itinerary and might change due to uncontrollable factors such as traffic. Feel free to use this sample itinerary as a guide in visiting Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines.

11 PM – Ride a bus going to Baguio

4 AM – ETA at Baguio Terminal; Check in to your hotel
7 AM – Have breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins
8 AM – Start exploring the City. First on the list, Camp John Hay
10 AM – Have merienda at Chocolate de Batirol
11 AM – Alight to Mines View Park
3 PM – Explore Wright Park 
6 PM – Dinner at Good Taste
8 PM – Get a beer and have a chill night at Craft 1945
10 PM – Check in to your hotel

5 AM – Call time, ETD to Cafe in the sky
7 AM – ETD to Burnham Park; Explore the area
9 AM – ETD to Baguio Cathedral
10 AM – ETD to BenCab Museum
12 NN – ETD to Oh My Gulay
1 PM – ETD to Strawberry Farm
5 PM – ETA to Good Shepherd
7 PM – ETA to Baguio Terminal going back to Manila
12 MD – Hello Manila

Estimated Budget

Well, I won’t go with the specifics here but staying in Baguio City for 2 days with P3,000 on hand, I think you’ll do good. Let’s say that you already have bought your tickets so it won’t be a problem anymore. Accommodations can be cheap or expensive, depending on your taste or needs so you got to make the right choice so it can fit your budget.

Why Visit Baguio City?

Bagio has been one of the favorite places of travelers due to its cold climate and laid back vibes. This place is classic and timeless, where you can have a quick getaway from time to time. Who wouldn’t be in love with Baguio? Being surrounded with Pine trees, great local food and rich culture where you wanna be immersed with. Get your backpack ready for the weekends and head on to Baguo! Bring me some ube jam please?

I hope to see you in my next travels!

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