Color Manila Run 2019

Color Manila Run 2019 Experience
(And How I Won a GoPro Hero 7 Black)

Three months have already passed this 2019; have you already burned those fats you gained from the holidays? It’s always January when most people are so hyped to fulfill their new year’s resolutions so you might see a lot of them running, exercising, and working out.

How did you start your new year? As for myself, I joined the Color Manila Run last January 6, 2019. I already experienced joining a 16K run before in the Plantronics Backbeat Run, but it was almost two years ago, so I told myself I already know what’s going to happen.

Color Manila Run: First Timers!

It was our first time to run with colors, and we were so excited! We opted to go for the 10K category because we don’t want to push ourselves too much. Hey, the year’s just starting right, and Color Manila isn’t a hardcore run. The most important thing here is that you’ll have fun!

We arrived before 3:00 AM, two hours before the gun start at 5:00 AM, because we wanted to eat and check in our bags earlier (or we were just so excited lol). Most of our fellow 10K runners arrived 30 minutes before the race starts while we were relaxing at the concert grounds.

The usual program; explanation of rules, warm-up, prayer, were made, we already headed to the “Start” sign. I made sure to bring my GoPro Hero 7, so we can document our color run. And as usual, the race started with a bang!

Color Manila Run
Preparing for the color run!

The Actual Run

My sister, Krista, already experienced a Color Manila run too, but it has challenges and obstacles. She told me that there would be a fire truck along the way to spray us some water. That’s cool, I said. It’s necessary to make the colors stick to your clothes.

Most of the people avoided the water but Bem, and I bravely ran in the middle of the road because duh, it’s sooo fun! He has a waterproof phone and mine is safely covered inside my armband. My GoPro? Well, he didn’t give a damn. 🙂

The color stations along the route had crew members who were throwing us colors were so friendly. A lot of runners stayed there for a while to take pictures and videos. Violet, orange, blue, pink, yellow, green – all colors looked good in everyone!

Color piiiiink!

After the Color Manila Run: Party!

After a lot of running (and mostly walking), we got back to the concert grounds at 7:00 AM. We claimed our medal and color packets at the booth while waiting for the party to start.

As expected, the party was super LIT! The stereos sounded, and it was perfect for getting everyone into the music. It was like a music festival! Then the countdown began for the most awaited moment of all – we scattered the colors (from the color packets) and yep, it looked beautiful on photos and videos. (Scroll more to see the video)

But Wait, How Did You Win a GoPro?

Yeah, you might be wondering how I won a GoPro. Was it the one I had on the color run? No. I bought a GoPro last October 2018, so I can use it on our Pulag journey. I won it from joining the #GoProXColorManila Challenge where I created a one-minute video using the Quik app (GoPro video editing app) which highlighted our Color Manila Run experience. So now, I have two GoPros 🙂

I didn’t expect to win, to be honest, so I am so thankful that I joined both Color Manila and GoPro’s video-making challenge. So if there are fun runs out there that our generous enough to sponsor any kinds of contest with an amazing prize, don’t hesitate to participate! I have put the video here so you’ll see it as well.

Why Color Manila Is For Everyone

All in all, joining Color Manila brought us so much fun. If you don’t believe that being fit and having fun can go well together, then you haven’t joined a color run. It’s not a super hardcore run that will push you to your limits (like other well known marathons), but it is a great avenue to bring the whole family and have fun together, while getting healthy!

Now, it’s your turn to be on the next season! With a new GoPro or not, I will also definitely come back.

See you in the next Color Manila Run!

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