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Coronavirus Outbreak: 10 Life Lessons We Learned

Everything has been going pretty normal for everyone of us. Most of us get to work, meet with friends, travel, hike, and a whole lot more. Then the coronavirus happened and it raised panic in the country but our life still went on. With the number of infected people rising all over the world, the unexpected thing happened. In just a snap, all of the things that we get used to doing have drastically changed. Now, we’re left with only one option—to ADAPT.

Here’s 10 of the things we all learned (and are still learning) during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We’ve been exposed to the outside world for a very long time, long enough to observe that not everyone has alcohol in their bags or if they do, some don’t use it much. Before, we don’t easily get sick without using alcohol or washing our hands but now, you can get COVID-19 through it. Regardless if there’s a pandemic or not, we must practice good hygiene. We can start by washing our hands with soap for 20 seconds, using alcohol, and of course, taking a bath. (Do you know someone who doesn’t take a bath everyday? Hmmmm lol)

2. It's not bad to stay at home.


You might be guilty for always planning to go out every weekend because you can’t imagine spending two whole days inside your home. There’s nothing much to do, you might say. But now that there’s a community quarantine, you realized that staying inside your home is not really as bad as you think. There’s so many things to do at home and you just don’t know it! Start by watching Netflix or playing console games. Or better, get the broom and sweep the floor! You can even cook your favorite dishes since you can’t eat outside your home. 

3. Working from home has great benefits.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic started, we already have a lot of employees working from home especially the freelancers. But now that a lot of employees are currently working from home (thanks to their companies who made it happen), this has proven that it’s 100% possible. I am personally happy about this because the WFM setup can drastically improve a lot of aspects aside from preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Roads will be decongested, traffic will improve, and the employees will have more time to spend with their families and other hobbies.

4. The internet has won, again.

Who doesn’t rely on the internet nowadays? Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak happened and we are all isolated inside our homes, we heavily use the internet in getting news and information about the virus. It’s also the most efficient tool in spreading updates in local communities since not everyone will be featured on national television or radio. Those who are working from home use the internet a lot and they can’t be productive without it. The internet also does a great job in keeping us from boredom.

5. Listening to your body is a must.

sick person covid-19

Got a cold, cough, or fever? Your boss might still ask you to get to work since these are just “minor”. And since you have no choice, you still go to work while sneezing and coughing your way through the office. Now that we experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, those symptoms may tell you a different thing. With or without the coronavirus, we must listen to what our body is telling us. Have a healthy diet, take some supplements, exercise regularly, and rest. We must take care of our health at all costs.

6. We have no excuse in learning a new skill or doing a different hobby.

Remember those days when we really want to do something but we end up doing nothing because we don’t have time? Since we’re saving time now by not waking up too early and not traveling to work anymore, we can now do the things that we have always wanted. This is the perfect time to learn a new skill or work on a different hobby. Watch Youtube videos or Google how to videos on how to level up your skills. Read those dusty books that you have always wanted to read. Let’s make our stay at home worthwhile, but no pressure!

7. Frontliners deserve our utmost respect (and better pay)

Our doctors, nurses, military, policemen, and many others keep working for us so that we can still live a comfortable life at home. They risk their lives so they can save others. Personally, I have come to a realization that if our medical personnel are paid higher in the Philippines, they would not need to work abroad anymore. The country’s healthcare system was not really given a priority thus, we are now facing its side effects. I truly respect our frontliners for everything they do so as citizens, we must do our part by staying at home.

8. Always appreciate your previous travel experiences.

Whether local or abroad, we must be thankful for our travel experiences. I am grateful that I have hiked and traveled during the past few years and a lot of them made me realize how lucky I am to go this far. It opened my eyes into a different perspective and it made me understand the world better. Now that COVID-19 has stopped our travel goals, that’s fine because we still have a lot to be thankful for. Let’s make the most out of our next adventure after this pandemic is over!

9. Being contented with what you have.

Life before COVID-19 was very competitive and it made us really work hard to get the things that we don’t have yet. There’s nothing wrong with that right? But now that there’s a pandemic and even the rich gets sick and dies, this is the best time to pause and be thankful for the things we have in front of us. It’s the simple things that we always forget—having a shelter, family, good health, friends, work, and basic necessities. We are restricted to go outside and have a party but hey, life isn’t that bad. Right now, let’s be contented with what we have.

10. We play a huge role in the society & we just don't know it.

I watched this short, powerful clip on Facebook where it shows how social distancing works. There were ping pong balls in mouse traps and these were placed beside each other. One ping pong ball was thrown in the middle and poof, all mouse traps went crazy. The next video showed the same scene but this time, the mouse traps were far from each other. The ping pong boll got thrown again but this time, it did not not hit any mouse traps. You can watch the video below:

The lesson here is that only one person is needed to spread an outbreak. So if everyone does their own part, we will all be safe and we can get through this. Some of us think that “Hey, I’m just one person so it wouldn’t affect others much” but what if 80% of our population thinks that way? Imagine how dangerous that can be.

We might not be doctors, nurses, policemen, even GrabFood drivers, etc. and we’re just at home watching Netflix all day. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t contribute to our community. Right now, the greatest thing that we can do is to obey the enhanced community quarantine guidelines by staying at home. It’s not just for you, but it’s for your family, your neighbors, and even the rest of the world.

Have other realizations that you would like to share? Please leave a comment below!

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