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House of Lechon in Cebu: Our Honest & Unbiased Food Review

I have always dreamed of visiting Cebu City and last February 2020, I got the chance to travel to the Queen City of the South. Cebu offers delicious local cuisine that cannot be easily found in other places so I was so excited to dig in the food! Yes, I know that we have lechon all over the country but I was curious on how their version tastes compared to those I have tasted before. Does Cebu really have the best lechon? Or is it just all talk?

Join us in our honest and unbiased food review of House of Lechon in Cebu City to find out!

Here’s their menu as of February 2020.

House of Lechon menu
halo halo
other menu in House of Lechon

What We Ordered

We ordered lechon, of course! We got the spicy one for 1/2 kilo which is slightly more expensive than the regular-flavored lechon. We also got the ngohiong (another type of lumpia with julienned vegetables, meat, and shrimp), utan bisaya na may pasayan (vegetable soup), and the sticky rice with sikwate (hot chocolate).

Spicy Lechon

Feedback: My whole House of Lechon experience was heavenly. I won’t say that it’s the best lechon I ever tasted because the competition is huge and it’s hard to decide without comparing it to others. But I would say that it has definitely become my favorite among others. In addition, the spicy lechon has a tolerable level of spiciness so you can order this without hesitation (I’m not into spicy foods and I approve this!)

For the dip, you can make your own sawsawan with soy sauce and vinegar or you can eat it with lechon sauce. But it doesn’t matter because for me, the lechon is flavorful enough even without the dip.


Feedback: I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular with ngohiong because I’m no longer a fan of lumpia anymore ever since I tried Vietnam’s spring rolls. But this dish surprised me the most! Walang wala na talaga ang lumpiang shanghai ninyo. LOL. It’s the first time I tasted this and I was really impressed especially when you dip it in the sauce. So if you haven’t been to Cebu and you’re not sure what local food you should try here, go for ngohiong and you will never regret it.

Utan Bisaya sa Pasayan + Sticky Rice with Sikwate

Feedback: I don’t have much feedback on Utan Bisaya because I’m not really a fan of soups. But it has vegetables and shrimp so it’s a good choice to balance your whole meal.

For the sticky rice with sikwate, I was excited to taste this because I really liked Thailand’s mango sticky rice. The rice was suman-like and its sweet sauce was made from coconut. It was so delicious and I never forgot this Thai dessert ever since.

Cebu’s version of sticky rice is with chocolate. It also has another dip which is made from latik and the rice tastes like biko. Combining the sticky rice, mango, and chocolate dip, it’s just wow. This has become a favorite too!

Happy kids!

House of Lechon Branches & Contact Info

  1. Acacia St, Cebu City (231-0958)
  2. Don Jose Avila St, Cebu City (328-5489)
  3. Robinson’s Galleria Cebu, Gen. Maxilom Ext, Cebu City (340-1452)
  4. Lawaan, Talisay, Cebu City (462-9020)

Operating Hours: 10am-10pm (might vary per branch)
Facebook Page:

Let me also add that the interiors of House of Lechon is very appealing and classy with a Filipino touch. I’ve seen pictures of the other branches as well and it’s definitely Instagrammable.

house of lechon interior
Acacia Street Branch

Our Final Verdict: House of Lechon

My dining experience was overall great in House of Lechon. The food, the ambiance, the customer service were commendable. I know you will feel the same too, once you have experienced it for yourself. Currently, they only have branches in Cebu City (coming soon in Bohol) so to all non-Cebuanos out there who’ll be visiting the Queen City of the South soon, never miss tasting the famous Carcar lechon from THE House of Lechon.

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