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JoyBus Premiere: The Perks & How To Book Online

Baguio has always been one of my favorite travel destinations but the bus ride takes 6-8 hours depending on traffic. That’s a lot of time wasted and I was really eager to find a faster option to get to Baguio. For the first time, I have experienced riding Genesis Transport’s premiere buses and it’s called JoyBus.

In this article, I will share my JoyBus experience and we’ll talk about the perks that you can enjoy inside. I will also guide you on how to book online so you can avoid the hassle of going to the terminal just to get your tickets.

Let’s get started!

Genesis Transport made a line of 28-seater premiere buses with the goal of lessening the travel time to Baguio in just 4-5 hours. They call it JoyBus and it’s a point-to-point bus that has terminals in Pasay and Cubao. With the word “premiere”, I myself as a passenger would think that these buses offer perks that ordinary buses don’t have. We’ll talk about these in the next section.

Joy Bus Premiere
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Perks Inside JoyBus Premiere

Before we start, I would like to explain that JoyBus offers two different buses. First is Deluxe (now called as Executive) and the other one is Premiere. We’ll talk about the differences later on but for now, here’s what you’ll get when riding the JoyBus Premiere.

Here are some pictures of what to expect inside the JoyBus Premiere Bus:

Inside the JoyBus Premiere
Inside the JoyBus Premiere Bus
Headrest - my favorite part! Lol
Watch movies, listen to music and play games. I tried watching the movie Assassin's Creed and it has audio. Games included are Angry Birds and the like.
Tray table
Blanket, free water and bread

Going back to the difference between Executive and Premiere buses, here’s what you need to know. Executive buses only have the following:

One thing I did not like about my JoyBus experience is that their overhead compartment can fit contain small bags. My grey Deuter backpack would not fit and this is not the case with Victory Liner buses. (Maybe I just brought a lot of stuff? Lol!)

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JoyBus Ticket Price

There’s only one price whether you’re coming from Pasay or Cubao. For Executive buses, it’s P720 per head while Premiere is P740 per head if coming from Cubao. With the P20 price difference, I would say that getting the Premiere is worth it because you’ll get more perks as discussed above. Passengers coming from Pasay would pay a higher fare. Here’s the ticket prices according to PHBus:

The only problem I am seeing here is that it’s possible that the Premiere bus is not available on your preferred travel time. Now, let’s discuss the schedule.

JoyBus Manila to Baguio Schedules

Joybus Cubao-Baguio schedule
Photo from PHBus
Joybus Pasay-Baguio schedule
Photo from PHBus

Aside from these information, you can also follow Genesis Transport Service Inc’s Facebook page because they regularly post updates here if there are changes on the schedules:

Genesis Transport Service

How To Book JoyBus Tickets Online

There are two sites that you can visit if you wish to book JoyBus tickets. JoyBus has a website ( but there’s no option to book tickets there. So here are the websites:

1. Pinoy Travel –

2. I Want Seats –

There’s a small fee that will be added on top of the fare for the online processing fee but this is more convenient than going to the terminal to buy your ticket. If you book online, you will receive an email and you need to show it to the counter so you can claim your actual ticket.

Based on personal experience, I was not able to book my ticket online. My travel date was on a holiday (on a Saturday too) and the booking on my preferred date was not available anymore when I checked both the sites on Monday. So just a tip, book at least a week in advance to secure your tickets.

So how did you get your JoyBus ticket?

I personally went to the terminal in Cubao and bought my ticket. Luckily, there are still slots left for the Saturday trip. If in any case that you have to buy your ticket in the terminal too, you can see their address in the next part of this article.

Joybus cubao terminal
JoyBus Cubao Terminal

JoyBus Terminal Locations

1. Cubao, Quezon City

Address: EDSA Cubao, Corner New York ST., Quezon City, 1109 Metro Manila
Contact Numbers: +63 2 551 0842, 0933-852-7648, 0933-852-7638

2. Pasay, Metro Manila

Address: 101 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila
Contact Numbers: 0933-852-6779 / 0932-572-7006

3. Baguio City

Address: 36 Gov. Pack Road, Session Road, Baguio City
Contact Numbers: 0933-852-6856 / 0933-852-6854

Travel Tips To Remember

You might know these travel tips already but it’s worth posting anyway!

Now that I have shared my experience in riding the JoyBus Premiere, it’s your turn to pack those bags and head to Baguio! If you don’t have an itinerary yet, you can read our Baguio Travel Guide to help you plan your trip.

If you wish to contribute tips in this article, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks so much and see you on our next adventure!

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